Alicia Thompson

Australian Illustrator, Designer & Artist

Alicia Thompson is an illustrator and designer who practices and lives in Newcastle, Australia. With more than ten years experience in each discipline, she brings a range of talents and a breadth of knowledge to the table that gives measurable results to the firms she works with.

As a designer with more than a decade of experience, Alicia Thompson is an expert at creating data based marketing strategies while providing outstanding print, web and media design solutions that maximise communication while minimising expenditure.

As an illustrator and artist, she works cohesively in a wide range of mediums and styles while maintaining a unique flair for the offbeat and absurd. With work in private collections in Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra, New Orleans, Dallas and Los Angeles, her work proves to be evocative and aesthetically pleasing.


Skills that pay the bills


  • HTML 94%
  • CSS 92%
  • Perl 78%
  • MySQL 86%
  • Javascript 81%
  • Wordpress 91%
  • Adobe Creative Suite 93%
  • Microsoft Office Suite 92%


  • Copy Writing 74%
  • Vector Illustration 68%
  • Graphic Design 91%
  • Interior Design 79%
  • Drawing and Painting 75%
  • Problem Solving 87%
  • Singing 21%
  • Typography & Calligraphy 80%


  • Social Media Management 79%
  • Community Management 94%
  • Proofing and editing 74%
  • Pre-press production 81%
  • Feedback Analysis 83%
  • Web Development 95%
  • Media Liasing 76%
  • Event Management 70%


  • Coffee Making 87%
  • Public Speaking 91%
  • Delegation and Team Management 84%
  • Deadline Management 89%
  • Crisis Management 80%
  • Negotiation 86%
  • Friendly disposition 92%
  • Sense of direction 90%

Quick Statistics

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Recent Commercial Clients

Newcastle Psychology & Health, Grey’s General Store of Design, NeaderClean, Maclaren Photography, Xanthe Roxburgh Photography, DieselGas, Jude Avenue Music Supplies, Current Generation, DieselGas. Fairy Good, EmBody Art.

Recent Arts/Community/Non-Profit Clients

L.E.A.R.N W.A (LGBT youth support), Den Magazine, Quaint Magazine, This is Not Art Festival, E.G.G (community hobby group), Newcastle Undead Society, One Million Masterpiece (Charity Fundraising), The Loft (community youth outreach).