Chris & Stuart's Wedding

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Chris & Stuart’s Wedding

As an illustrator and designer, I often offer my services when close friends of mine get married. When I was invited to be the Best “Man” at the wedding of Chris and Stuart this year, I couldn’t wait to dive in and discover something that reflected them, their amazing relationship and the city they both know and love.

In addition to the invitation set, I also provided them with a seating chart, monogram, a glass-painted artwork, and assistance on a visual direction for decorations and aesthetic choices.

The Monogram

Stuart is the owl, the silent expert hunter who gets the job done. The owl has been associated with learning and wisdom for centuries and for a deep connection to intuitive knowledge due to his unmatched ability to see in the dark. With his far-seeing eyes, the owl has the ability to see what is usually hidden to most. The owl can see the true reality, beyond illusion and deceit. He can see beyond masks and through agendas. This allows for the inspiration and guidance necessary to deeply explore the unknown and the magic of life.
Chris is the thylacine, the sadly extinct Tasmanian tiger, a marsupial which was both a shy nocturnal animal and an apex predator known for its ability to survive and hunt in sparsely populated areas. Symbolically, the thylacine represents the concept of time transience, the idea that we are occupying our past, present and future at any one time, so the thylacine represents the connection between things. Because of the mystery surrounding the thylacine, we are moved to embrace and accept the unknown and thus enrich our lives. The thylacine teaches us how to achieve our goals alone, but also teaches us to take joy in this solitude.

Other Goods

Weddings are thousands of tiny decisions. I think, by the end of it, Chris & Stu made all the right ones. Here’s just a few of them.


The Fortune Tellers

While they didn’t have a theme in mind, their theme turned out to be a literary one. To break the ice, give a keepsake and condense the message, (gay) agenda and wine list into one, I designed, printed and folded 80 fortune tellers for the guests. It was a hit!

Alicia’s work on our wedding was nothing short of incredible. She gave us a wedding that expressed our personalities, was accessible to friends and strangers alike, was aesthetically exciting, memorable and completely free of drama. Everyone loved the monogram she designed for us, and her Fortune Teller table decorations were a perfect ice-breaker and a great keepsake for our guests.

She contributed so much more than we could have hoped – not just the physical products (monogram, signs, table decorations, publications) but also the process of wedding planning (web communications, helping us refine our ideas, liberating us from our assumptions about what a wedding has to be). We couldn’t recommend her enough; boy does she bring a lot to the party!

Photo furnished by Pat Heddles

Chris & Stuart

The Grooms