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Fairy Good Face & Body Art

During a working relationship that spanned several years, I worked closely with the founder of Fairy Good, Emilie, to create a robust and rounded set of business materials to match her growing business needs. While Fairy Good has taken a new direction with it’s new owners following Emilie’s death, I am still proud of the work created over this time and wish I still had access to the results of the multiple campaigns created during Fairy Good’s evolution.

The Website

With Fairy Good being founded in the late 1990s / early 2000s, the business, and its presence online grew with the expansion of its customer base and the evolution in technology. This website, which boasted an extensive gallery and completely customised layout was an ideal crux of these two factors, and was met with great acclaim by its clientele.

Alicia is one of the most remarkable designers I have come across. I will not settle for anyone else! The work I have had created by Alicia over the last few years has received so much acclaim by my clients, I will most definitely continue to make use of her services for future creations.

Fairy Emilie

Fairy Mother, Fairy Good