Grey's General Store of Design

Branding, Website, Marketing Materials

Grey’s General Store of Design

Grey’s General Store of Design, formerly Ciao Meow, was an amazing little store that sold artisanal home wares, accessories and clothing. With a combination of works made by the owners themselves, and those perfectly curated for their customers, Grey’s was a perfect example of the artistic spirit that underlies Newcastle. I worked hard with them to ensure they showed that to the world through their branding, website and advertising materials.

Harking back to the stylish labels of the past, with an homage to the imagery of their old store included in the flowers underneath, Grey’s General Store of Design needed a logo that reflected who they are and the very special clients that they attract.

The Website

Following the vintage imagery through their store, their website reflects this aesthetic in hand drawn and textured elements laid over each other. Additionally, some special animated elements were added to give the site a whimsical and unexpected touch in order to best display their wares.