The Trilogy of the Tyrant

A Trio of Magazines of Art & Poetry

The Trilogy of the Tyrant

In a series of three eight page magazines of poetry and illustration, I teamed up with Christopher May in 2012 to create an exploration of the Tyrant: the inner critic that holds us back from artistic and personal achievement.

This triptych explores the Tyrant in a series of contexts. First, the playful stealth creation of works completed before the Tyrant has a chance to rear its ugly head. Second, the horror and dread of preparing for the slaughtering of works and thoughts, and third, strengthening yourself to fight against it.

The trilogy is available to read online in three parts below, available to purchase individually in pdf form, or available to purchase for your Kindle, iPad or eReader in a collected edition with four extra pages of special features.


Issue One: While The Tyrant Slumbers

An exploration of stealth work created before the chance for inner criticism takes hold, including:
“It was a mutant” – The Tyrant encouraging a creative lobotomy, giving all of the reasons to not attempt to see something to fruition at all. Phrases used are a mix of clinical and personal terms aimed at pregnant women.
“A little bit less” – An examination of the drafting process

Read While the Tyrant Slumbers Here

Issue Two: The Tyrant Wakes

An exploration of the anticipatory dread. The Tyrant wakes and takes his cruel hand to your work and your sense of self, includes:
“4566” – The dread of the mind turning against itself
“Office of Rejections” – A clinical, consumerist rejection of creativity with a dash of humour
“Elizabeth” – Allowing external judgement into your life while attempting to nurture your sense of self like a small child, adding hypomania in the process for good measure.

Read As The Tyrant Wakes Here

Issue Three: Putting the Tyrant to Sleep

The Tyrant comes out in full force, announcing itself for exactly what it is, and the creative stands firm to fight back. Unlike the other two issues, this contains just two pieces, working in tandem against each other.

Chris plays the part of the Tyrant in its last vicious flailings.
I play the part of the creative, arming the imagination to fight back.

Read Putting the Tyrant to Sleep here

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