Quaint Magazine

Quaint Magazine is a quarterly feminist literary magazine for female and non-binary writers. Quaint is devoted to publishing dynamic and arresting poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and other prose, and it delivers with flair, strength and skill.

Being an online magazine, having a great website is a must. With unique imagery to draw from, I put together a site that’s easy to use, easy to interact with and easy to share while displaying the vital information in an arresting way. Tying in with Quaint’s social media was a must for this project, while giving the professionalism that makes people take them seriously.

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Newcastle Psychology & Health

The Newcastle Psychology & Health website needed a renovation to reflect the growing practise and its new focus areas. With a new layout, the site is easy to navigate, sleek, and reflective of the practise, its practitioners and its unique atmosphere.

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Fairy Good

With Fairy Good being founded in the late 1990s / early 2000s, the business, and its presence online grew with the expansion of its customer base and the evolution in technology. This website, which boasted an extensive gallery and completely customised layout was an ideal crux of these two factors, and was met with great acclaim by its clientele.

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Grey's General Store of Design

Grey’s General Store of Design, formerly Ciao Meow, was an amazing little store that sold artisanal home wares, accessories and clothing. With a combination of works made by the owners themselves, and those perfectly curated for their customers, Grey’s was a perfect example of the artistic spirit that underlies Newcastle.

Following the vintage imagery through their store, their website reflects this aesthetic in hand drawn and textured elements laid over each other. Additionally, some special animated elements were added to give the site a whimsical and unexpected touch in order to best display their wares.

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Maclaren Photography

Easy to navigate and minimalist to bring out the best in Leigh’s work, her website is a great showcase of understated but clean design. With site wide image carousels, her images are front and centre, bold, beautiful and perfect for viewing as intended on a range of devices.

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Neader Clean Newcastle

NeaderClean needed a simple, minimalist style website to establish their brand online and give easy-to-access information to their potential clients. With a bit of a graphic flair, this design is clean, professional but not generic.

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Surfhouse Photography

Created before the popularity of full sized images as backgrounds, this 2008 design features the work of Alex Thompson front a centre while offering important information about her photography and store.