In these times of isolation and disconnection,
love is still the universal healer…
and where that love comes from may surprise us.

This novel will surprise you, not only for its daring in placing a gay male love story in rural Australia, but also for the tenderness with which it shines a light on the power of love”

– Jan Cornall, Writer’s Journey

Something Else

When his father died, David Mulkerin gave up teaching in Sydney to come home and run the family farm in Western NSW. He is driven by personal demons and family tragedy to see it through, despite his love of teaching and the ongoing drought and debt.

When David meets the new local doctor Martin James, there is a meeting of minds and dark pasts. Martin is intrigued by David’s closed demeanour and makes an effort to reach him. They strike up a friendship, able to understand the pain in each other’s pasts. When David discovers that Martin is gay, he feels duped and betrayed, but the revelation forces him to confront what it means to love someone and how sometimes we don’t get to choose.

Australian fiction author Alicia Thompson

I grew up in Wollombi, a village two hours north of Sydney. My twenties were spent travelling the world, working in London, and leading adventure tours in the Middle East and China with an international tour company. I returned to Australia in 1998 and started a business providing bookkeeping, book editing and photographic services. In 2000, I set up efolio Pty Limited for consulting, teaching and to promote my work.

I’m always looking for ways to focus on the things I love, so I developed my writing skills through a program of reading and short courses, and in 2014, I completed my Masters in Creative Writing at the University of Technology, Sydney.

I am currently working on my second novel.

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